Think Tank

On Wednesday we took a trip to the Think Tank Museum in Birmingham!. We had lots of fun exploring all the activities and interesting fun facts. We looked at how the human body works and had the opportunity to see a variety of different animals even dinosaur bones!! Please have a look at some of our pictures!

Think Tank on PhotoPeach

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2’s 5’s and 10’s

This week year 1 have been practising counting in 2’s,5’s and 10’s we made our very own times table boardgames. We talked about all the different ways we could say times such as multiply, lots of, groups of etc We had to think very carefully about our answers and recorded them on coloured paper.


Making pasta

Year 1 were very lucky to be visted by Mrs Dawson who came in to show us how to make our very own pasta from scratch! We talked about the types of ingredients needed, and used the pasta machine to stretch out the dough and make different shapes and sizes.

pasta pasta1 pasta2

Summer fair

A reminder that summer fair is on the 4th July and will start at 3.30pm – Year 1 will be running the cake stall and would really appreciate any cake donations. We hope you can make it!

Mini me!

In numeracy we have been using our measuring skills to understand the concept of half. We worked together in groups using strips of paper to create a person half the size of us! We couldnt believe how small they were! we also set a challenge for some children to find out how big there hands or feet would be half the size!.
I was very proud to see the children working so well in thier groups by sharing and taking turns!







Planting seeds

As part of our science topic this term we will be learning how plants grow and will be looking carefully at the different parts of a plant. In Year wow we have created our own plant diaries which we will be completing within the next few weeks. We have planted Mustard seeds, Lettuce leaves, Radish, Nasturtium (edible flowers) and Parsley.

Homework superstars!

As part of our half term homework year wow were asked to write their very own story. I was very impressed to see such great quality and imagination go into your work. I can really see some potential authors! Keep up the hard work year wow!!